Protect my Business

Have you planned for the unthinkable?

Owning a business requires a range of complex issues to be managed on a daily basis to ensure its growth and profitability.

However, many owners find they are simply too busy working with little time to work on building their business.

Your unexpected death, disablement or critical illness (or that of a business associate or key employee) could jeopardise the ongoing viability of your business.

Protection against unplanned events

Well structured business insurance helps keep your business functioning and protects the value of your business in the case of unplanned events.

When compared to the alternatives, the most cost-effective solution is a comprehensive insurance solution.

Consider the alternatives
  • Absorbing the loss into the profits.
  • Tying up capital in an emergency fund.
  • Borrowing the funds if you can at the time.
  • Selling existing business or personal assets.
  • Losing control of your business.

In most cases, the cost of the alternative is 100 cents in the dollar!

Without business insurance, your family and your business associates could be exposed to unnecessary financial risk.

  1. Would you or your family receive adequate payment for the transfer of your stake interest in the business?
  2. Would any loans the business owes to you be quickly repaid?
  3. Would you, your family or your estate be released from any personal guarantees given to lenders for business loans?
  4. Would your personal assets, such as your home, provided as security for business loans, be released to you, your family or your estate?
  5. Would you have sufficient financial resources to protect your income and family’s lifestyle?
  6. Would you know what your insurance will cover?
If the unthinkable happened to your business associates or key employees ask yourself these questions.
  1. Would any ownership succession be orderly, equitable and funded?
  2. Would the valuation of your business be maintained?
  3. Would your business maintain the confidences of lenders and trade creditors?
  4. Would your business have enough cashflow to meet its commitments?
  5. Would you retain key employees via confidence in your business?
  6. Would your business have the financial capacity resources to recruit and train new employees?
  7. Would your business be able to pay out or reduce business debts to protect the personal guarantees supported by the personal assets of the business owners?
How do you protect your business?

That means you can concentrate on running and building your business with the reassurance that your business’ future is protected.

What protection does your business need?

There are three basic protection needs that typically apply to businesses:

pmb diagram

To find out if a strategy like this will help you, please book a meeting.

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