September Market Update

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September Market Update

Please find enclosed the latest edition of Market Update. This newsletter is to you to keep you up to date and informed about everything that’s been happening in the local and global economies, as well as equity markets here and around the world. It’s also full of expert views on where markets are likely to head over the coming year. This month a combination of ongoing weakness in the housing sector and labour markets hampered economic growth in the US. The pace of China’s economic growth has also slowed somewhat due to the natural evolution of the economic cycle and somewhat successful attempts by authorities to control expansion. Over in Europe, news improved with all economies in the Eurozone, except Greece, experiencing growth in the June quarter with an increase of 1% across the board. And locally, the drama of the federal election and ongoing resilience in economic data, proved the highlights of the month. As a long-term investor, it’s important to keep in mind that we can probably expect to see more volatility as global markets work towards a sustained recovery. If you’d like to discuss anything in this report please give my office a call.

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