5 Things I Learned From Shoe Dog (Nike)

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Over Christmas I read a memoir by Phil Knight, the founder of Nike. It is a great read – I had trouble putting it down. My Dad is reading it now, and enjoying it as well. Here’s the five things I learned from it: 1) Learn to take risks when you’re young. After leaving the army and then business school, …

Top 5 Summer Travel Savings

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Summer has finally arrived and so our thoughts turn to holidays and travel. Like many people we have an almost unlimited appetite for travel and indulgence. How do we get more bang for our buck and either travel more or save more or both? Here’s our top 5 ideas: 1 Airbnb With a Twist We’re big fans of Airbnb. We’re …

Getting The Age Pension for Farmers

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Getting The Age Pension for Farmers One of our retired clients has been farming for the last 20 years. The asset value of their farm has meant that they have been ineligible for the Age Pension. However there is an exemption to the assets test called the Extended Land Use Test. The government has, for a long time, excluded from …

Super Fund Fee Article

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In an article in The Advertiser, Anthony Keene has quoted Steve about fees in super funds – dated September 26 2016: super-fund-fee-article

‘Never Retire’

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I have just finished reading a book called The Happiness Equation, by Neil Pasricha: One of the chapters that struck me for our clients is the idea of ‘never retire’ (for those of you that want to pick this up at the library, as I did – its Chapter 4: The Dream We All Have Is Completely Wrong). I have …

Thanks Sue for the Card and Chocolates!

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Thanks to client Sue for the card and chocolates today (we love chocolate!). We were able to get her home loan paid off – this has relieved a lot of stress for her.  She had been concerned that she might lose her home otherwise. So thanks Sue!