Market Update June 2012

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Market Update June 2012

This month’s edition brings mixed reports from the major global economies, with uncertainty in Europe continuing to be the focal point for investors.

<=””>The US economy continues to experience a moderate recovery, with improvements in housing, retail and industrial production. However, talks of further quantitative easing also continued amongst Federal Reserve members.

<=””>Europe continues to be a key focus for investors, with fears the Greek crisis could spark a contagion for other economies in the region. Most European major indices were down over 7% in May, with London’s FTSE 100 among the heavier falls.

<=””>On the home front, interest rates were in the spotlight as global uncertainty and an evident slowdown in China weighed in on the RBA’s rate decision. After a further cut of 0.25%, the official cash rate is now 3.5%.

<=””>As markets continue to remain uncertain in the short term, please remember to remain focused on your long-term goals.

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